Snacks for Kids
Giving Back

Snacks for Kids – Vancouver Firefighter’s Charities Fundraiser – with The Flying Pig and WildTale

We’ve always had a soft spot for kids and do our best to truly make them welcome in all of our restaurants. When you drop by any of our locations, you’re likely to see some ‘original art’ created by our youngest guests. Crayons on brown wrapping paper invariably showing a winged pig are proudly displayed. It’s easy to forget that not all kids are that fortunate. That’s why we are delighted to work with Vancouver Firefighters Charities and their Snacks for Kids program.

Vancouver Firefighters Charities main goal with Snacks for Kids is to make sure that every kid that needs it has access to a nutritious snack bar (nut free), a non-perishable juice box, and a fruit option each day so they are able to learn and thrive in school.

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